Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America



The situation in Darbhanga, Bihar is very scary.

Like every other place, even in Darbhanga families are losing their near and dear ones to pandemic and the numbers are increasing day by day. Such a loss is a big one to suffer in itself, but waiting with the bodies for ones turn to perform the last rites increases it by multiple folds.

Darbhanga has no gas furnace system to do last rites as of now. The last rites are being performed using cow dung as the wood availability and affordability is not sufficient. There are half-burned bodies left or put in the river, which is hazardous for public health and our environment.

The government allocated places are not enough to handle the causalities happening there due to the worsened pandemic condition.

BJANA (Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America), a registered 501(C)(3) organization (Tax ID 13-2887235) is working on gathering funds to install a new gas furnace system in Darbhanga to address the need of the hour. Our executive member, Mr. Alok Kumar ( ex-president FIA) is working through the details to get this arranged soon. BJANA team along with our president Dr. Avinash Gupta and BJANA PRAN Team are working tirelessly to provide free medical consultations to save more lives.

The furnace costs Rs. 25 lakhs (INR), so we appeal to everyone to come forward and extend help as much as we can for the sake of humanity and protect our environment. A respectful last rite is the least we can do to reduce the grief of affected families. Kindly come forward and do the best you can to raise the funds.

Birth and death is a part of life, but we believe the rituals related to it should be performed at the right time. Any delay to it increases the pain of those surviving. Let us come together and help each other come out of this situation stronger.