Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America

Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America




Welcome to the Home Page of Bihar-Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA) – a social and cultural platform for the people from Bihar and Jharkhand. BANA was established in 1976 to bring the people from Bihar to a common platform and facilitate a social and cultural binding between the people of Bihar and Jharkhand in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) in the USA.

BJANA is registered in the state of NY. It’s legal name was changed in 2004 to include Jharkhand, and later on made tax-exempt. The tax-id of BJANA is: 13-288-7235.

The added functions of this association is to share knowledge, information and news which enriches people of Bihar throughout the world and provide a common platform for networking and extending a helping hand as and when needed. BJANA is very thankful to the past Presidents and Committees who worked very hard to take BJANA to the place where it stands today – One of the largest and most ethnic ‘well managed’ association in the NY, NJ area. BJANA is also a member of the Federation of Indian associations (FIA).

As we all know, Bihar/Jharkhand has a very ancient and glorious history. It’s is one of the places which has seen the birth of the ancient civilization and the Indian history. Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim and Sikh Shrines abound in this ancient land where India’s first major empire rose and fell. Bihar gave the World the concept of “Democracy”. Vaishali during Chandragupta Maurya’s time practiced first democracy. It’s the state which gave the nation the first President of the Indian Republic, Dr Rajendra Prasad and once recognized as one of the best governed state in the country.

BJANA Annual Events

BJANA holds three events every year:

  1. Holi Function
  2. BJANA Picnic
  3. Diwali Function

Over and above these three functions, BJANA regularly welcomes the dignitaries & distinguished people from Bihar & Jharkhand.
Also, BJANA has always been at the forefront in organizing disaster relief in the form of funds, supplies & medicines etc.
BJANA also participates in several religious activities  like donating statues of deities to temples & other donations.

Apart from all this, BJANA events are the place where you can meet many people from Bihar and Jharkhand.
So, What are you waiting for ?
Check our ‘upcoming events’ web page for upcoming  functions, events, and gatherings.  We look forward to meeting you there !!