Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America

Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America


Members of executive committee are expected to perform following roles and responsibilities:


  • Preside over all meetings.
  • Hold and exercise general charge and supervision of the affairs of BANA and any additional duty assigned by executive committee regarding organizational and executive matters.

Vice President

  • Promote membership of BJANA.
  • Assist the president in carrying out his/her responsibilities.
  • Hold and exercise the powers of president in the event of president’s absence or disability.
  • Added responsibility of public relations including but not limited to inviting dignitaries.

General Secretary

  • Keep charge of books, documents, papers as the executive committee determine.
  • Keep & publish the minutes of meeting.
  • Maintain list of members.
  • Maintain BJANA.ORG Website.
  • Perform other duties assigned by executive committee
  • Signing and managing internal documents

Joint Secretary

  • Assist the General Secretary in carrying out his/her responsibilities.


  • Keep custody of all funds and property of BJANA.
  • Perform general financial transactions.
  • Added responsibility of fund collection, fund raising and budgeting.
  • Maintain up to date books, income and expense reports and make available to members at all reasonable times.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by executive committee.

Members of the Executive Committee
All executive committee members may be required to perform any duties assign by Executive Committee. Added responsibilities are given below. Some members are suggested to form their own teams to perform the additional duties.

Cultural Secretary

  • Organize cultural programs.
  • Organize a team of local talents, co-ordinate & supervise all rehearsals for the events.
  • Prepare scripts for cultural events.

Fund Raising Leader

  • Actively pursue fundraising activities.
  • Come up with new fund raising ideas.
  • Closely work with treasurer to collect funds.

Vaishali / News Letter Editor

  • Responsible for publishing BANA magazine for Holi and Diwali events.
  • Responsible for publishing monthly newsletter. Work closely with Community Advocate to get information.

Web Master

  • Perform all web related duties.

Community Advocate

  • Pull information from local community such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new born, weddings etc and make available for Website, Vaishali and Newsletter. Be in very close contact with the community.

Publicity Leader

  • Publicize BJANA events in the community. Contact members to make sure they are aware of the up coming events and convince them to participate.

Networking Leader

  • Network and forge alliances with other local organizations to share resources, ideas etc.

Meeting Organizer/Coordinator

  • Responsible for organizing all meeting and helping in meeting minutes.