Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America

Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America



Dear BJANA Friends and Family,

We are launching BJANA PRAN COVID HelpLine from the USA using WhatsApp group where anyone can join virtually from anywhere for help related to COVID. 

This will be provided by our doctors who are connected with BJANA from USA and India, and we will be partnering with local organizations like Aashtha and Asha to support this cause.


  1. Post your questions on WhatsApp and doctors will respond based on their availability
  2. Live Zoom Session: Will provide general information using zoom (details below)
  3. We will also use Zoom Breakout sessions for 1-1 consultancy if requested
  4. Phone Consultation (only in case of Emergency): Depending on the doctor’s availability will call directly to the concerned person as required.

WhatsApp Group ->

Note: No forwarded message!!! Please use strictly to get COVID related help and EXIT when help is provided, which will open the space for others.

Topic: BJANA PRAN Help Line for COVID 

Everyday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM (India Time), 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM (New York Time)

Join here ->

Meeting ID: 999 7700 9789 / passcode: covid

Join Us To Help Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts

BJANA ensures that each and every dollar you donate reaches directly to the beneficiaries.

Message From Doctors In USA

Message From Dr. Avinash Gupta
BJANA President

Message From Dr. Arvind Das

Message From Dr. Prabhat Sinha

Message From Dr Raina Sinha

Message From KIDS