Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America

Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America


Mr. Anurag Kumar –                        President

Mr. Anurag  is president of BJANA and has been involved in all BJANA activities during the last 8 years, including hosting and coordinating various events like Holi, Diwali, Picnic and Chhath, and numerous charitable activities. He was born in Amawan, Nalanda -Bihar, grew up and lived in Begusarai, Mokama and Patna in Bihar.  He currently lives in South Brunswick, NJ with his wife and two kids. He received his Engineering degree in E&C and moved to the USA in 2000. During the last 21 years, he worked 15 Year for JPMorgan Chase and for a pharmaceutical company during the last 5 years. While being Treasurer of BJANA, he streamlined and automated the Invoicing process using Salesforce and additional automation software. He strongly believes in giving back to the community  and has been involved in various activities such as mentoring BJANA Kids and startups, connecting with the BJANA members and local businesses to raise the fund for BJANA charitable causes and events. During the last two years, he has been vice-president of BJANA. During this period, he has been  involved in numerous charitable causes, particularly related to COVID-19, while organizing cultural events, both virtual and in-person (Diwali and Chath Puja during 2021). While BJANA has grown tremendously during the last several years when he has been associated with BJANA, he is committed to develop and implement a vision for BJANA so that it can continue to grow to the new height.

Mr. Sanjeev Singh –                      Vice President

Mr. Sanjeev was born and raised in Jharkhand. He is a resident of New Jersey and lives with his wife, daughter, and son. By profession, he is an Information Technology professional and holds MBA degree. Sanjeev has been a key member of the BJANA team for the last several years and is currently holding the position of General Secretary of BJANA. He has been instrumental in setting up BJANA brand value with many ideas to connect community members together, increase community participation and help connect with Bihar and Jharkhand governments. With his hard-working and pleasant attitude, he is very popular in the BJANA community and has led many activities such as branding of BJANA, managing BJANA Vaishali magazine publication for many years, introducing and managing summer camp for BJANA kids during Summer 2021, volunteer activities for high school students, initiating BJANA talent show, actively coordinating many charitable activities in US and in India, and streamlining the BJANA operational process by implementing the digital solution. It’s his passion to connect Bihar and Jharkhand community together, create a platform for future generations to keep our culture alive and create a Global Bihar and Jharkhand society for Bihari diaspora.

Dr. Anil K. Agrawal –                        General Secretary

Dr. Anil  is a native of Triveniganj, Supaul district in Bihar, and lives in Basking Ridge, NJ with his wife, son, and daughter. He is a professor of structural engineering at the City College of the City University of New York since 1998. He received his B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from I.I.T. Kanpur in 1988, M.Eng. in Civil Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1991 and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Irvine in 1997. He is one of the most renowned researchers/engineers internationally in the area of smart structures and bridge engineering and was the Chief Editor of the internationally renowned Journal on Bridge Engineering published by the American Society of Civil Engineers during October 2009 to September 2021. He is interviewed frequently by major news channels in the New York City area on issues related to bridges and other infrastructures. He has been an active member of BJANA and has been volunteering in cultural and charitable activities of BJANA for more than 6 years. Among his notable and significant activities are the faceshield project for BJANA kids during summer of 2020, online course on Matlab and deep learning to 15 BJANA kids during September to December 2020, mentoring of the BJANA summer camp during summer of 2021 and outreach of Touchman foundation for $5,000 contribution for BJANA’s charitable activities

Mr. Sushant Krishen –                             Joint Secretary

Mr Sushant , is a native of Bihar, was born in Bhagalpur and was brought up in Birpur, Supaul.  He has an MBA degree and is an expert in SAP supply chain management.  He has spent more than 10 years in serving the fashion industry (wholesale & retail), FMCG & Life Science clients in the USA. Before coming to the USA, he spent more than 10 years in the Life science industry in sales and distribution. Sushant has been volunteering in various community services during the last several years through BJANA or FIA or other community service organizations.  Currently, he lives in the Berkeley Heights, New Jersey area with his Wife Amrita Ghosh and two wonderful kids (Vedika & Vedant). His favorite pastime is meeting people, Networking, Tennis & Chess.

Mrs. Priti Kashyap –                                Treasurer

Mrs. Priti was born in Ranchi -Jharkhand, grew up and lived in Raipur – Chhattisgarh and moved to Bhagalpur in Bihar after her marriage.  She is currently residing in Monroe Township of New Jersey with her husband and two kids. She is currently working through TATA consulting services for an Insurance company. Her love & belief in the community makes her get involved in any volunteering opportunities. Her belief in herself is “I am an average person with opportunity disposed by higher authority to make good use of this life”.

Dr. Avishek Kumar –                 Executive Member

Dr. Avishek was born and raised in northern New Jersey, and presently lives in Jersey City with his wife Deep and one year old son Ariyan. He is of Bihari origin, with family hailing from rural villages in the Nalanda district in Bihar. Avishek is a board certified physician specializing in Oncology and Hematology in Edison. Additionally, he serves as a Lieutenant Colonel and aerospace medicine specialist in the United States Air Force Reserve, presently stationed at the 93d Fighter Squadron, an F-16 unit in Homestead, Florida. He has interests in Indian history, archaeology, aviation and international travel.

Mrs. Nimisha Verma –                 Executive Member

Mrs. Nimisha comes from Patna, Bihar and lives with her husband, daughter and son in Monroe Township, NJ. She and her family have been active participants in the community for about 10 years.  She holds an MBA degree with specialization in Social Services from Xavier Institute of Social Services, Ranchi. She has served in the Social sector in India before moving to New Jersey. Her passion still lies in building a strong community to advance humanitarian and social causes. Professionally, she leads Organizational Transformations as an Agile Coach and is working at a leading Investment Bank. Her hobbies include – music, cultural activities and reading.


Mrs.Vandana Abhishek Kumar –                               Executive Member

Mrs.Vandana is born and brought up in Patna Bihar. Her native place is in Nawada district (Bihar). She is MBA in Marketing and Finance from Delhi NCR. She is a Passionate photographer and Poet. She has been involved in promoting BJANA as well as handling all Photography of BJANA from last six year. She thinks BJANA is a great hope for all those NRI’s ( Bihar and Jharkhand) who are staying away from their family, friends, state and country. She believes “BJANA is like a family, where you can enjoy all the festivals and share your problems because there is always a helping hand behind you”.

Mr. Akhilesh Azad –                          Executive Member

Mr. Akhilesh is born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and lives with his wife and two sons in Hillsborough Township, NJ.  He is a native of Darbhanga in Bihar, known for its rich culture and heritage across the world. He is Sr. IT manager, PSE&G by profession, completed his Masters in Computer Science from NIT, Jameshedpur and has been in USA for the last 13 years. He has been actively participating in BJANA programs and contributes to its events organization since 2015. Akhilesh strives to help his community and in free time he enjoys riding Motorcycles, Boat and plays Cricket and Badminton.

Mr. Dipen Banerjee –                              Executive Member

Mr. Dipen was born and raised in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. He is a resident of New Jersey and lives with wife Nabanita and two daughter’s Suyesha and Elina. By profession, he is an Information Technology professional and holds a degree in both engineering and MBA. Dipen has been associated with BAJANA for several years and with his hard working and pleasant attitude have always been available to help the organization in any form or other. He has deep interest in cultural and social activities and will bring his experience gained outside the organization. Outside work and family hours Dipen loves to spend time playing recreational soccer and badminton.


Mr. Sanjay Gupta –                              Executive Member

Mr. Sanjay  is a resident of Nutley, NJ and hails from Patna. He takes active interest in community services, including BJANA and Universal peace Foundation. He has been associated closely with ISSYOGA, a global spiritual organization based out of Patna with a mission to bring peace and love to communities, through the inner meditative process taught by his mother Ma Bijaya. He has been a member of the executive committee of the current BJANA team.  

Mr. Rahul Sahay –                              Executive Member

Mr. Rahul is born in Patna and brought up in a small town of Deoghar and very famously known as Baidyanath Dham. He is a graduate in engineering and works as Technology Specialist in Cognizant. Rahul is  passionate about cricket and outdoor activities and as a same reflects his volunteering journey. He has represented many socio groups in his college and worked as Chairperson of IEEE chapter at university level or Head of Cognizant Cheers in Bangalore etc. About BJANA he believes it is a fantastic association and platform to represent our culture and tradition. BJANA binds us as a community for all people coming from Bihar and Jharkhand. We feel we are never away from home for specific festivals like Chatt Puja, Teej etc. Moreover it gives you confidence that you have people who can come and help you in difficult situations and vice versa.