Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America



Dear BJANA Family

BJANA is proud to participate in the India Day Parade on August 21, 2022, on Madison Ave, New York,  in partnership with the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA).  This year, we are also attempting two Guinness World Records:

  • Most different flags flew simultaneously 
  • Largest Ensemble Damaru 2-Sided Drums

This is a unique opportunity where we can show the strength of our community not by turning out in large numbers, but also by supporting BJANA enthusiastically to raise funds to have our own BJANA Float with Bihar and Jharkhand Pride.  

We want to have the best float and show everybody our Unity.  Jai Bihar! Jai Jharkhand!

We also need your support in starting the following three initiatives:

  1. Providing one year of meals to 60 economically disadvantaged children in Jharkhand: ASHA Children Homes provides residential facilities to children (5-18 years) who are in need of care and protection. These children include out-of-school children affected by the seasonal migration of their parents, children who are homeless, survivors of child labor, human trafficking, child marriage, and child sexual abuse.
  2. Setting up a basic autism center with occupational therapy equipment: Poor and disadvantaged children don’t have access to any occupational therapy.  We are starting an initiative to provide basic equipment to a center managed by our partner Aastha Charitable & Welfare Society, Patna.
  3. Rehabilitation equipment to the Bihar First Charitable Rehabilitation Hospital for the Children with Disability in Patna: Children diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities cannot afford the special equipment required to the quality of the treatment and rehabilitation.  We are starting an initiative for the welfare of the High need support person with disability to equipped the Charitable Rehabilitation Hospital at International Standard level in in Patna in partnership with Aastha Charitable & Welfare Society, Patna.

We need your generous support to start these initiatives. Please donate to make a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged children back home.

We thank you for your support and request you to be a sponsor; 

-Diamond: $1000

-Platinum: $500

-Gold: $250

-Silver: $100