AID India Education and Solar Electrification

BJANA would also like to sponsor the following projects. We invite volunteers for their help and support.

  1. AID India Education and Solar Electrification

AID India is currently actively focused in 4 districts of Bihar – Jehanabad, Rohtas, Arwal and Madhepura. If anyone would like to focus on a particular geographic area within Bihar, they can choose to support the work in any one of these districts.

There projects are being conducted in specific blocks of each of these districts mainly focused on education (improving reading and science skills) and solar electrification. In fact, both of these are interconnected, since lack of electricity shortens the day and reduces the length of reading time for village children.

Brief program descriptions are as follows:

Reading program for 150 children (Budget: Rs 40,000 or $1,000): Improve the reading skills of the children with the poorest reading ability in the schools. AID India volunteer will spend time with children in 3 different schools, provide interesting reading material and focus on skill improvement.

Solar Electrification: BJANA members could support a solar electrification of one Tola in a village (~50 families). The Tata BP Solar lamps cost about Rs. 2000 each. Therefore the total cost for 50 families is about Rs. 100,000 ($2,500). Typically, in each village AID India finds a tola that is the most downtrodden and provides this support to them. Please visit for more details.

  1. Janani Network ( a very successful NGO), engaged in social marketing of birth control among women in Bihar
  1. National Literacy Mission for adult literacy (A successful campaign just completed in Muzaffarpur)
  1. Bihar Brains Scholastic Center – A very enthusiastic group dedicated to Bihar at ground level (