BJANA Election Announcement 2020-21

Election 2020-21 details


BJANA ELECTION 2020-21 Nomination Form

As per the BJANA By-laws, the election of members of the Executive Committee of the Association for the period 1/2020- 12/2021 will be held for “a team” that will consist of the positions listed in the table below. The voters will nominate a team of nine candidates (see Nomination Form Attached) consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and four Executive Members. The election will be held among nominated teams.

Position –                  No. of Positions
President                  -One
Vice President          -One
Secretary                   -One
Joint Secretary         – One
Treasurer                    -One
Executive Members* – Four
*The four Executive Committee Members may be required to fill in positions of Cultural Secretary, Fund Raiser, Public Relations, or any other duties assigned by the President/Vice President.
After the election, the elected Executive Committee, on their discretion, may expand the team by adding up to 12 additional committee members. This addition would be made by invitation only from the members of the BJANA community.

Please note that nominations must be filed for a team. Individual nominations will not be accepted.

Mailing of nomination papers by the EC to BJANA members-Nov 24, 2019
Last date for registration as BJANA member-Dec 05, 2019
Team E-Nomination Filling with Bio-Data & Vision statement-Dec 12, 2019
Last date for withdrawal of nominations by candidates-Dec 17, 2019
E-Mailing of e-ballot and Vision statement by EC to BJANA members-Dec 22, 2019
Last date of receipt of e-ballots from BJANA members-Dec 27, 2019
Announcement of election results by EC -Dec 31, 2019

The ballot papers will be sent via emails. Please make sure that your email addresses are on BJANA records. Please go to website to register or to update your email address prior to Dec 05, 2019. All members registered on or before Dec 05, 2019 will be eligible to vote. Family members can vote independently provided they are registered separately.

Members of BJANA interested in contesting the election for any position in the team are eligible to participate. The Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates must send nominations for the team members to on or before the due date. For any questions or concerns, candidates may contact the Election Committee office via email at or by regular mail at the address mentioned below.
Also, the candidates may call members of the Election Committee if they have any questions.

Dr. Anil Kumar (908) 463 5625 (cell) email:
Mr. Ranjit Sinha (732) 718 0982 (cell) email:
Mr. Rakesh Kumar (917) 584-6536 (cell) email:

Mails/Enquiries may be sent to:
C/O Xpress Financial Mortgage Corp
4270 US Hwy 1 North
Monmouth Jct., NJ 08852
Tel: (908) 463 5625 (cell)

BJANA ELECTION 2020-21 Nomination Form