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BJANA members honor Honorable M.P. Shri Vishnu Dayal Ram

BJANA members  honor Honorable Shri Vishnu Dayal Ram, who has been former Director General of Police, Jharkhand and is currently Member of Indian Parliament from Palamu district.

Shri Vishnu ji praised the BJANA committee on how it helps bring the community together. He also gave valuable insights on the challenges and rewards of being in politics and how it provides an opportunity to “give back to the community”. He has been a very successful IPS office and is now doing commendable job as Member of Parliament. BJANA also pledged to support Shri Ram’s initiative to provide assistance to the handicaps who cannot afford to buy basic tools to assist their movements.

The meetup also included Shri Anjani Kumar from Permanent Mission to India and executive members of BJANA including Alok Kumar, Pranit Singh and Aditi Mohan